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CG:  is the Challenges Group primary in country delivery programme and is launching in the second quarter of 2016. Starting in Africa, this flagship brand convenes local enterprise delivery agencies in Zambia, Uganda and Ghana.

CG: is an empowering pipeline that directly supports job creation and capacity building in the countries we work in. Our diverse and skilled team uses an innovative hybrid model that partners a country team with UK counterparts. This ensures a strong combination of local knowledge and international experience to deliver innovative and effective solutions for clients.

Based on unifying our global diagnostic and intervention approach through a supported local delivery structure, the CG: programme aims to  institutionalise enterprise growth.   CG: links proprietary software to a proven partner development framework . This hybrid approach makes the enterprises we engage with accessible to local, regional and international stakeholders with an interest in trade and investment.

Says CEO, Eoghan Mackie

“Currently the Challenges Group is deploying 400 people per year. We have calculated that Challenges people are therefore putting 35,000 days into 200 companies. This adds up  to around 12,000 days a year per country, leading to a significant shared resource opportunity. We wish to use this resource to connect up to 50 organisations ( NGO and private sector) to the enterprises we are supporting.”

Our approach

CG: provides enterprises with the people, processes and platforms that weave them into the local economic fabric, while connecting them into a wider marketplace also. Challenges Marketplace technology offers an intelligent reporting structure, making vetted performance indicators available to interested parties at the touch of a button.

We provide:

  1. Consultancy based business diagnostics, looking at the skills gap, finance gap, trade gap
  2. Practical tools and training to address the skills gap,  providing internationally relevant qualifications at locally affordable market rates
  3. Connections, practical support and reporting structures address the finance gap –  providing clear pathways towards finance
  4. Market visibility and engaged trade partners  close the trade gap –  with a collaborative environment supporting the path towards a robust and sustainable supply chain

You can find further information, including our implementation diagram here.