Challenges Worldwide


Challenges Worldwide is an educational charity, which delivers business support and conducts market research through volunteering. It is headquartered in Scotland

Challenges Worldwide and the Challenges Group regularly work closely together, enabling each other to deliver more for beneficiaries.

Over the last 16 years £30 million onsite business support to around 2,000 growth businesses in 40 countries has been provided. These businesses have raised over £20 million investment and generated over £30m in trade linkages. Many hundreds of jobs have been created with families, who are dependent on these inclusive businesses in vulnerable market systems, benefitting from long term sustainable outcomes.

Challenges Worldwide is a consortium partner on the International citizen service programme (ICS) funded by the Department for International Development (DFID). ICS: Challenges youth volunteers  kick start a new way of participating in economic and community development activities in  the UK and in emerging economies.

Support is also given by the University of Strathclyde and the University of Edinburgh and other British and American universities. These relationships, built over the last six years, have enabled CW to link practical, actionable Masters level research experience to our own direct Social Enterprise Support activity on the ground.

The aim is for students to offer fresh, new thinking whilst learning from those who have been working in the industry for a number of years. These academic partnerships further build on Challenges Worldwide’s ability to convene partnerships with NGOs and other organizations, with tangible research allowing them to plug into economic development in a way that is scalable, measurable and transparent.

These mutually beneficial partnerships  not only support host organisations with their own development but also contribute to the students’ knowledge, academic research and employability. This leaflet explains the process more clearly.

Challenges Worldwide creates adaptive programmes that are responsive to change and remain accountable. In order to support this process, CW has launched two pieces of interactive technology that are able to support our ground-breaking market-lead approach. By linking on the ground support hours to bespoke technology, CW continues to drive community self-reliance in developing countries.