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The Power of Partnerships

Challenges Worldwide is an award winning international social enterprise that has recognized that the greatest potential for growth will come from organizations working collaboratively, acting on needs identified from grass roots upwards.

It champions this new hybrid enterprise development model and has created a process that identifies and supports robust supply chains and the ecosystem that supports them, in particular bringing local experience to bear.

The Challenges people, process and technology approach connects partners from different arenas into a development pipeline.

Challenegs Pipeline

Working in partnership with the Challenges Group  therefore allows organisations to  to experience and experiment with practices that advance the business value and economic impact of enterprises while creating a lasting development footprint.

Below are some examples or current partnerships:

DFID Funded International Citizen Service (ICS),  (2015 – 2018)ICS logo standard

  • Consortium partners – Enterprise Model with IS; Skillshare; Progressio; Latitude
  • Local partners where we deliver – expand our work post ICS
  • DFID footprint & showcasing our work

British Council (increase African footprint) 

  • British Council LogoGhana focus with Skills Hub & further work
  • Engage Uganda; Zambia & Rwanda
  • Currently Engaged in Asia – Myanmar; Malaysia

ACRE (Access to Capital for Rural Enterprises)

acre logo

  • Consortium Partners – Christian Aid; Practical Action; Twin Trading; Traidcraft
  • Access to DFID & Foundation funding


We continue to support clients including:

INGOs, including CARE, Oxfam, Christian Aid, Practical Action and VSO.

Intermediaries, for example Twin Trading and Traidcraft.

BDO and Adam Smith International. We have fast growing relationships with regional entities such as FARA and international organisations like ILO.

Impact investors including AgDevCo, AAC, ERM, Ashoka, ManoCap, Injaro, AgDevCo, African Agricultural Capital, E+Co, Ashden, ERM, ACRE



We have a strong track record supporting bi-lateral programmes as a subcontractor to major consultancies, for example DFID funded Business Innovation Facility and Swedish SIDA funded Innovations Against Poverty: both managed by PwC.