Method and Growth


All partner offerings are communicated, and then implemented, through a connected, relevant business portfolio in a three step consultancy approach:

C- change Consulting process

This approach has been piloted with organisations such as the  British Council in Myanmar, where we support their work as an infrastructure partner.

Other historical and current partners include business incubation and insight partners and supplier development partners.

Future opportunity

CG: creates bespoke country programmes focusing on sector, expertise and skills delivery. Our work is based on identifying partner need and linking this to the tools and interventions we know will help will help companies grow.

The greatest potential for growth will come from organizations working collaboratively, acting on needs identified from grass roots upwards. Within this new hybrid enterprise development model, connecting directly to on-the-ground, local experience will be crucial.

We will therefore support partners to develop and deliver bespoke programmes that are able to tackle barriers to growth, in terms of supply chains – but also considering the importance of a supportive community ecosystem.

Our convening expertise would, for example, allow partners to create programmes to address these gaps and barriers. Ideas might include English language learning and business programmes or even a bespoke financial access program, reaching out to thousands of entrepreneurs hoping to get debt finance.